Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rice Krispies Treats- Strawberry

Is it me or was strawberry flavoring every where this year?
I am torn as to if that is a good thing or not. I love REAL strawberries, artificial strawberry flavor... not so much.

I am however hopelessly in love with Rice Krispies Treats (why did they have to stop making the cereal?!). I first saw the Strawberry Treats back in the early summer. I will be honest I could not bring myself to buy a whole big box because I just don't see myself going back for more then one. Today however, I came across a single serving back and here we are.

The RKT it's self looks like a normal RKT- if it had Chicken Pox. There are lots of little "strawberry" bits sprinkled through out. In further bad news the Treat smells like a big bottle of children's vitamins. Do I really want to try this? well I have had worse things in my mouth...

The taste.
Eh, if you ever felt the need to crush up a bunch of Flintstones vitamins and mix them into a batch of RKT this is exactly what it tastes like. What's scarier is that really is not as bad as it sounds. In the same way after eating way too many of them Strawberry Pocky started to taste good the same thing happened here.

I still don't see myself ever buying a large box of these but I could see picking a single one up on occasion.

Jay's Shell Station Monrovia, Ca


Anonymous said...

They still have rice krispies treats cereal where I live in WA.

Gigi said...

Really?! I have a cousin who lives near the Idaho border I may need to get him to send me some....