Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trader Joe's Chocolate Souffle

I went to Trader Joe's looking for the Peppermint Joe Joe's
Sadly, my TJ's was sold out (but they did tell me if I am patient they are getting in some that are chocolate covered!) but no trip to Trader Joe's is a bad trip and in the frozen section they had heat and eat chocolate souffle's- and they are even in little ceramic ramekins!

Who doesn't love souffle? I do, but I admit I have never made myself one. I love to order them when I eat it.

The TJ's souffle, much like the chocolate croissants as the souffles are baking they fill the kitchen (or in the case of my relatively small apartment, the entire apartment) with the smell of delicious chocolate melting to perfection.

The souffles raised perfectly. The texture was light and airy. The flavor is a deep rich cocoa. There is so much chocolate flavor here it is insane! I sincerely doubt that it would be possible to make a better souffle this easily.

If you want an indulgent treat for yourself or need a dessert that looks like you slaved over it get a box of these!

Trader Joe's


Reeni said...

I can't believe the souffle raised! I thought they had to be made fresh. How cool, and yummy!

Gigi said...

I was pretty impressed by that myself- as I was not expecting it to.

Gee, I may have to buy another box just to post photo's of the raised souffles- yes, I am just a giver like that.