Friday, April 17, 2009

Glico Pretz- Basil

Sometimes even I would prefer a salty snack. Pretz are the savory cousin to Japan's popular world over treat Pocky (I am a Pocky addict)
Pretz much like Pocky comes in just about any flavor you could possibly imagine. I'd like to thank my friends over at JLIST.Com for sending me out this pouch of Basil Pretz to try.

I looooove me some basil. I grow it on my balcony and I have been known to eat it straight off the plant. It is a MUST for me in my pasta sauce and in general I love it in every thing. So eating a cracker flavored with basil should be a slam dunk right?

Opening the pouch the scent that greets you is a salty dried basil smell- off to a good start!
Each stick varies in length a little bit but generally they are about the size of a pretzel stick.

Each stick is speckled with little flacks of basil. The taste is salty and there's almost a poultry seasoning type flavor but the basil stands out as the dominate flavor by far. It's so vibrant that if you didn't know better you should easily pretend that it is fresh basil. The cracker that actually makes up the stick is neutral without much of a flavor of it's own- which works out perfectly because nothing stands in the way of the basil. Yes, they are salty but it just enhances the basil and makes you want to eat more.

These are just great snacks. Besides eating them straight from the pouch I could think of tons of ways to use them- I am dying to get another bag to crush into "breadcrumbs" to make meat balls with!

an 11!

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

I didn't know Pocky also came in a savoury form! You make them sound absolutely divine - I might have to make my own meatballs!!


Gigi said...

You have GOT to try them Jim!

Pretz comes in nearly as many flavors as Pocky- Jlist.Com has a pretty good rotating selection.

There is also Cratz, which is along the same line but it's an "Otsumami"- which is a salty snack that's meant to be eaten along with alcoholic drinks to enhance the taste of both. The flavors are a little stronger and a saltier and contain nuts along with the cracker pieces (check out Jlist again)

chocoholic said...

I am going to have to see if my distributor has these- they sound
so good!


Gigi said...

They are good! I am quite sad my bag is empty.

BTW I checked out your site and loved it too- I added a link to you under my "tasty links"