Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Tea Bonbons

I'm not sure who makes this candy. I bought these on my spree through Economy Candy in New York City. The box bares no name brand- other then a clear sticker that says "Tea Symphony"- which Googling turned nothing up on- so if any of you know more about this candy please leave a comment!

I think from the word "bonbon" I was expecting little soft candies. However, what they really are is individually wrapped khaki colored hard candies.
The candies are solid but I managed to saw through one:

The first flavors that hit your tongue is that of pure green tea leaves that have been kissed with honey. It's really clean and refreshing. There's an Earthy grass notes. With both sugar and malt syrup listed on the box the candies don't come off sweet. The flavor is best described as green tea squared. There is only one problem...

The texture.
After the thinly panned surface layer dissolves the rest of the candy gets gritty. I am talking about is this a Pepcid or is this a candy gritty. Candy shouldn't hurt your tongue. And the longer you have the candy in your mouth the rougher it gets. Really that is too bad because if they were a smooth candy (or at least less gritty) these candies would be addictive.

If you would like to try them for yourself they can be purchased online direct from Economy Candy HERE


Economy Candy NYC


cybele said...

I also bought a box of those at Economy Candy - I mulled and mulled over all the flavors ... and then was sorely disappointed for paying so much for something that was so bitter sweet.

Gigi said...

Which flavor did you end up getting? I almost got the oolong but wimped out and got the green instead. I really did like the flavor but again the texture tore me up.

Also, how was your visit to Economy? I went just after Christmas and maybe they were just cleaned out post-holiday, but they didn't have a huge selection of things I can't readily get at home.
I am going back to New York next month so I am wondering if it would be worth a return trip.