Monday, April 6, 2009

Mike Mojito Malt Cocktail

Mojito's are my favorite summer drink. It is also not hard to make a good mojito on your own- even if you are not a bartender
As one of my many days jobs happen to be as a bartender I am pretty giving an expert opinion on that fact.

However, sometimes even bartender's get lazy. I guess it's like any other job. Sometimes by the time you get home the last thing you want to do is anything that resembles your work. I am already a big fan of the classic Mike's Hard Lemonade so when I saw the Mojito I had to try it.

Mike's Mojito is a malt beverage- rather then a rum based drink like the "real" version. I don't so much mind the switch in princaple. Given the fact that bottled version of cocktails seldom have the actual liquor the drinks recipe calls for. It's just that it was bad. Really bad.

If you have never had a real mojito the basic ingredients are white rum, fresh mint, simple syrup (or sugar) and lime. The sugar, the mint and the lime are muddled together until the sugar is dissolved and all the juice has been smushed out of the lime. Then you add the rum, shake (or stir but I prefer to shake) and pour into a glass over crushed ice. It's minty, it's sweet, it's sour and if they are well made it can be addictive.

The Mikes version like I just said substitutes the rum for "malt liquor". The malt liquor in question is vaguely lime flavored, It was neither bitter enough to be a limeade or sweet and bright enough to remotely pass as natural.
The mint has a very familiar flavor... as in the familiar flavor of mouthwash. It's not that I don't like mouthwash, I just don't like mouthwash flavored drinks. The sugar portion comes in the form of a sweet aftertaste that gets cut by the sting of the malt.

I am still a fan of Mike's but I am not a fan of his Mojitos

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