Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paula Deen Handcooked Virginia Peanuts

I was actually in Barnes & Nobles trying not to drop half my check on knitting books and vampire porn (er... romance) when I saw a rather large display of Paula Deen items.

Most of the stack was predictably books (vampire lovin' free) and some kitchen wares, but there was also containers of seasoned peanuts. I figured because this is after all a Paula Deen product, that it would be made with no less then 4 pounds of butter- and how could hot buttered nuts possibly be bad?


Sadly, much like my vampire books there was no hot buttered nuts to be found here either. The nuts are supposed to seasoned with a "house seasoning". A quick glance at the ingredients list reveals that the house seasoning is made with salt, black pepper, onion and garlic.

The salt and pepper granules are large and easy to spot. The peanuts themselves are HUGE! actually they maybe the biggest I have ever seen.

So the taste?
While I know that there is onion and garlic from the label I really didn't taste either of them. The salt and pepper really stand out. I liked the addition of the black pepper. It brings just a little spicy heat- not nearly as much as say a "hot" blend (like Planter's Heat) or a Cajun blend, but it is nice little kick. The salt straddles the Goldilocks line perfectly. It's not too much, but it's not too little.

All things considered there is not really anything special about this nut mix other then it having Paula Deen's name on it. It's a good enough mix that I would get it again, but at the same time I could just as easily add pepper to any other nuts I happen to have handy.


Barnes & Noble

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