Friday, April 10, 2009

Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

It's an egg! It's marshmallow! What's not to love?
Russell Stover is one of those brands I seem to overlook. I am not sure why really, by and large I have liked all of the products I have tried and for a middle of the road level chocolate I actually prefer it to other lines in the same range (such as Whitman's or Hershey's Pot Of gold line)

My favorite of Stover's candies are anything that has a whipped filling- they just seem to have struck a good balance between sweet but not call the dentist sweet.

Have I also mentioned my love of all things marshmallow?
The Stover's egg has a very thin shell of creamy milk chocolate surrounding the almost spongy marshmallow cream. I like the texture of the Stover's marshmallow. While it will give a slight resistance when you pull on it it is not sticky or liquid, as say Marshmallow Fluff would be- But at the same time is not as firm a marshmallow as say a Peep would be by comparison. The flavor of this marshmallow is strongly vanilla and that is the egg's only downfall. The problem is not that it is a vanilla flavored marshmallow but that Russell Stover's uses Vanillin- an artificial vanilla flavor rather then real vanilla. The initial taste is passable but there is a chemical aftertaste to the flavoring.
The chocolate isn't the most complex but it does have a good, slightly grainy melt to it. I really like the proportions of this egg. If the shell were any thicker the chocolate- already being on the far sweet side of the milk chocolate range would over power the marshmellow. And I think had the marshmallow been any thicker it might be too tough, and if it had been any thinner it might have ended up runny.

Considering the egg's tend to retail for around $1.00 or two for a dollar as it gets closer to, or after Easter I can look past the use of the Vanillin- even with it this is still a good product and it's hard to knock that price. I would love to see Stover's do a "Premium" version of this egg with higher quality chocolate and real vanilla, but the Easter Bunny can bring me the existing egg's as they are.


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