Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pepsi Throwback- Limited Edition

I think I may be the last blogger on the planet to score cans of this limited edition Pepsi.
(Read Marvo's review HERE).

Pepsi Throwback is made with REAL SUGAR! While I am old enough to have had Pepsi before sugar was taken out and replaced by the dreaded HFCS, I honestly can't say I remember what it tasted like.

I know that Pepsi does a version around Passover that is made with sugar and is Kosher for Passover. (HFCS, while kosher, is not kosher enough for passover -- read THIS for an excellent explanation on what the differences are.) However, unlike Coke's version, I can't say I have ever seen it carried anywhere, nor at any Seder I have ever attended.

So what does Pepsi Throwback taste like?

Really, really, really good! -- and keep in mind I am a die-hard Coke drinker. The cola flavor stands out. It's just a little spicy. The citrus notes (mostly lemon) seem brighter. It seems like there is a hint of cinnamon at the end. Above all, it happily lacks that funky corn syrup aftertaste. I think because the vast majority of the soda that I drink is diet, that when I do drink "regular" soda, the HFCS sticks out like a sore thumb to me. It bothers me to the point I have pretty much stopped drinking anything that isn't diet. Anyway...

The carbonation level on this version also seems to be toned way down as well. This also works for me, because as I have said many times before I actually prefer my sodas a bit flat.

Ok Coke, time to step it up! Pepsi has punked you twice (I also liked Pepsi Natural). I seriously hope that the success of this product will show both Coke and Pepsi that there is a high demand for soft drinks made with real sugar.

Excuse me, I have some hoarding to do...




Jess said...

Where'd you get the free cans? Where do bloggers get free things?

Gigi said...

Jess: I wish I had scored these for free! I actually purchased them at Target.

But to answer your question. I am not sure how other bloggers get things sent to them, but I can tel you how it happens to me. I am contacted either by the products company directly or a P.R. company representing the product and they ask if I would be interested in reviewing whatever it is they are promoting. Often, once you have reviewed something for one company they will offer something else later on.

It did take about six months of the site being up before I started getting offered product.

Thinking about it my Bloggerversary is coming up. June 3'rd will mark 2 years of Gigi Reviews!