Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Milk Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

A reader had actually suggested this version of the Reese's after reading my review of the smaller version...
I, being the dork I am hit 'reject' rather then 'publish' on her comment and sadly I am unsure who exactly to credit with the suggestion- so if your out there this one's for you! (and sorry I was a dork)

This version of the Egg differs from the smaller version (read that review HERE) in a couple of different ways. First it is comsiderably bigger, weighing in at a whopping six ounces rather then 1.2 ounces.
It also still features Milk Chocolate listed both above the Reese's name and as the first ingredient on the list. Estically it also has a cute little Easter egg patten molded into the surface of the egg verses the smaller egg's smooth top.

The chocolate on this egg was so thick that even if I hadn't wanted to slice it for a picture I would have had to cut it in some way just to get into it. I am not going to knock Reese's for this- especially after my tirade on the smaller egg's being downgraded to not-exactly-chocolate status, but if I were just eating the egg to snack on it would require more work then I prefer my candy to.

Because the chocolate is so thick the egg is separated into three distinct layers of chocolate/peanut butter/ chocolate rather then thin, inseparable layers that the smaller eggs or even the regular cups possess.

Even though this egg still have real chocolate (and I give props for that) I can't say that it was good. Maybe because there was just so much more of it then I am used to, the chocolate was super sweet- I am talking made my teeth hurt sweet. It also had a taste to it that I can't quite explain. It was vaguely plasticy. the mouth feel was grainy, sort of like cheap fudge. I almost missed the not-quite chocolate- have you any idea how much that pains me to say? Is it part of some evil plain my Hershey's to make the real chocolate so bad you prefer the fake? Should I be wearing my tin foil hat while eating these?

I did however LOVE the peanut butter. Larger portion means a thicker layer peanut butter. It seems like the more peanut butter the saltier the portion- but I love salty peanut butter. The texture is slightly sticky but still crumbly (again smooth peanut butter in candy is just gross to me) I found myself isolating the peanut butter and skipping the chocolate entirely.

In the end while I still loved the peanut butter but the chocolate- while real is just not good. I am not sure I am going to forgive Hershey's for mucking up my egg.

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