Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nestle Coffee Crisp

I was scanning the International Foods aisle, and this bar popped out at me.

A little Googling and I discovered that there are several versions of this bar to be had, and I am not sure entirely which one I got. The bar is marked Nestle's Canada -- but most of the label is in Spanish. And to add to the confusion, it was placed in with the UK products. I will just assume my little bar is its own special U.N. version.

The Coffee Crisp bar seems to be most loved in Canada. As best I could tell from my bar, it's a "Chocolaty" coated bar that is made up of layers of wafers with coffee flavored cream sandwiched in the middle.
The "chocolaty" coating is very thin, it actually looks better in the photo than in real life. It looks dark and almost thick in the picture. In reality it was a much lighter brown, and its surface had several spots where you could clearly see the wafer below.

The bar smells like a combination of cheap coffee flavoring and cereal. BUT, it does taste better than it looks or smells.

The thinness of the coating works because it means that it is fairly tasteless. This bar is really about the wafers. The wafers reminded me of those cheap generic sugar wafers you see in stores. But they are surprisingly airy, and tasted to me like a "cake" style ice cream cone. The coffee flavor, while artificial, was sweet and had a little bit of a milky quality.

I really liked the texture. It was dense but had a great crunch. I think this would be good crumbled over ice cream. This bar may not be the highest quality product that Nestle offers, but it is strangely addicting. It's sort of like the Giant Kit Kats' slightly backward country cousin. It may not be as pretty, it may not be that rich, but it's good in its own simple way.

Stater Brothers Market


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

I love the analysis of it being Kit Kat slightly backwards cousin :D that made me laugh!

I have read a few reviews on this bar before and all of them have been positive. a 7/10 from you though suggests it might be worth a try though!


Gigi said...

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week!

If you can get a bar Jim I highly suggest trying it. I even had to make a return trip to that market for another one. There is something oddly addicting to them.

Lose That Girl said...

Funny! Coffee Crisp has been produced here in Canada since 1938!

Gigi said...

Lose That Girl: I thought this bar was marked funny. Everything I had Googled pointed to Canada- and the bar is marked Nestles Canada. But the Spanish label and the fact that the store had it placed in with UK products just added to the confusion.

Where ever this bar came from it was good!