Sunday, May 3, 2009

Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash

Does drinking this for breakfast mean I get to have chocolate cake too? Am I dating myself by not only A: Knowing the Bill Cosby Grapefruit & Chocolate Cake for breakfast routine, but also B: Admitting I like grapefruit?

I actually do really like grapefruit. I spent a large hunk of my younger life in Arizona (where I actually did see Bill Cosby perform that routine), and I can't remember a single house we lived in not having citrus trees. We used to pick these ginormous grapefruits right off the tree and eat them. One of my favorite parts would be drinking the left over juice that we would mix with the sugar we had sprinkled on top when all the actual fruit was gone. That probably explains why I love grapefruit soda.

The new Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash is a trifecta of citrusy goodness. The base of the soda is the traditional lemon-lime Sierra mist. It's a pretty mild background flavor. The grapefruit taste is what really stands out. It stays on the sweet side with very little tartness -- sort of like Ruby Red juice. The carbonation is mild. Not weak enough to be considered flat, but not as strong as Sprite or Squirt.

This will definitely be added to my fridge rotation.




glucoholic said...

We just reviewed Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash and really liked it. We wish they had used Splenda, but the grapefruit does a good job of masking the aspartame. We highly recommend this sugar free drink.

Gigi said...

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