Friday, May 15, 2009

Spoon Lemon Curd


I LOVE lemon curd! Of course, if you read this blog, you know I love pretty much anything lemon.

If you aren't sure what lemon curd is, the fast and dirty explanation is that it is a smooth, almost custard-like spread. If you have ever had lemon meringue, you have basically had lemon curd.


Spoon is New York City based company that has both a storefront and products available on the Internet. All of the items they make are organic, and the ingredients themselves are sourced locally. I have an upcoming trip (in 2 weeks!) to NYC, and I have definitely put Spoon on my list of places I have to go to.


I tried my lemon curd both straight from the jar and on an English muffin.

Straight from the jar: The texture is smooth and creamy. It looks like it would be thicker and stickier than it actually is. The consistency is very thin and spreadable. It's a great texture for smearing on toast, scones, etc. But If you were planning to use it for fillings or jelly-type cookies, it might be too thin.

The taste is sweet at first; almost like lemonade. Once the sweetness wanes, there is a flavor I couldn't quite put my finger on. If I had to guess I would say that it's almost buttery, though I can't imagine that there is actually butter in the curd. The final note is a fantastic tart citrus punch. Don't worry, it is not sour enough to cause a case of CBF (Cat Butt Face). I loved it because it was almost as good as biting into a fresh slice of lemon (yes, I am one of those people who eats lemons plain) .


It's interesting how much the flavor changes by spreading the curd on an English muffin. Everything mutes a bit -- but it's still good. The curd doesn't seem as sweet. The buttery taste disappears and the level of tartness is cut down.

I had thought I would prefer the curd better straight out of the jar -- but in the end, I liked it better on the muffin. It's fab either way, but I may just have to make scones to be sure it is better spread on pastry. I would be doing it for purely scientific purposes, so the calories don't count, right? I mean, it's for the greater good, c'mon!


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Hannah said...

Love your site - even if I can't ever find anything you review, seeing as I live in Australia! Just thought I might add, though, that lemon curd usually, or at least often, is made with butter. Sometimes it's just lemon, eggs, and sugar, but almost every recipe I've come across or made has butter in it. So there's no need to doubt your tastebuds in thie instance :)

Gigi said...

Hannah- A double thank you!

First; I am glad to know I am not crazy (well crazier) and that there is butter in lemon curd. I have no idea why I didn't think there was.

Second; Thank you for reading. I love hearing people like the site. In the case of Spoon they may ship internationally. Another good source I have found- (although it tends to be at a higher price) is Amazon. They carry many of the things I review. I am trying to set it up so that the Amazon side bar on the site may have links to the products being reviewed .

And if it helps at all, it bums me out that I can't get Arnott's Tim Tams any time I want them!