Friday, May 22, 2009

Fling Dark Chocolate Bar

This is the last of the three Fling flavors. I reviewed the Milk Chocolate version HERE, and the Hazelnut version HERE.

A fast recap for those not familiar with the bars: Fling is a line from Mars that is targeted at women. The bars are Twix-style, two fingers to a "bar," and each finger weighs in at 85 calories. That sounds good...until you realize that actually brings the bar to 170 calories total.

I think I may have picked the best order in which to to try the various Flings, because I have liked each successive bar a little more than the previous.

The dark chocolate bar has the same meringue plank as the other two Flings. There is then a truffle layer, and the whole thing is enrobed in dark chocolate. The chocolate is surprisingly rich. It's not the most complex dark you will ever have, but there are deep coffee notes, though without the bitterness.

The truffle layer is silky smooth and cool on the tongue. It's a sweet chocolate, then the outer layer, and tastes vaguely like chocolate pudding.

My favorite part of the bar is still the meringue plank. It's airy, crisp, malty, and it starts to dissolve as soon as it's warmed in your mouth.

Pink foofy wrapper and faux reduced calories aside, I just really liked this bar. And I will say it again -- they really need to use that meringue in other products!

Albertsons Supermarket


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Your so lucky you guys got these in the US! Here in the UK they stopped their release as Mars didn't think they could produce enough of them for a full scale launch :(


Gigi said...

Jim, Want to swap I will trade you the Fling trio for some Thorton's Now I wish I could get those!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

That sounds like a plan to me! Will have to be a few weeks mid as life is pretty hectic at the mo - new job and moving house ... crazy times! We should send each other a list of what we want to try! What a good plan!


Gigi said...

Jim- DEAL! I will put together a box this week and mail it from New York rather then here in L.A. to help avoid bad things happening to the chocolate in transit. Send me requests and mailing info: