Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twixels Triple Chocolate

Why is it that girls seem to like mini versions of pretty much anything? Little dogs, little cups, little candies, little...ermmm, wait...I just thought of one thing that girls definitely don't prefer in the mini-size...

(Brains! We don't like people with mini brains! And you probably thought I was going for a cheap dirty laugh here, shame on you. You know very well I would never do that.)

Anyway, Twixels are basically mini-Twix bars in a fancied-up package. They come in three flavors: Triple Chocolate, Creamy Caramel and Fresh Vanilla. I really wanted to try the Creamy Caramel because I wanted to see how different it from the classic Twix bars... but that would have been way too easy...because of course those would be the bars that my local Target is out of. And I just wasn't feeling the Vanilla, so that left the Triple Chocolate.

If regular Twix are the Dirk Digglers of the Mars cookie bars, then Twixels are like the Reed Rothchilds. A little bit smaller, a little bit thinner, but they are both ready to rock your world. (OK, one cheap dirty laugh. Shut up.) The Twixel in size is like a slightly longer jelly bar.

The chocolate is listed on the label as "sweet chocolate." I don't know what that means. Maybe it's a new way for Mars to label their lower-end milk chocolate? Or maybe, since the Twixels are manufactured in Russia, it's just an awkward translation? I have no idea. (Nor, for that matter, do I have any idea why Mars is making them in Russia for sale in America. If they were just trying to save money I would think China more likely.) In either case, the chocolate is sweet and kinda milky, and while the bar is fully enrobed, it is a very thin coating. It's cold on the tongue and a little waxy. It's not that it's bad, but it does taste different to me than the normal Twix coating.

When it comes to the innards, the caramel is pretty sparse. It's also a little stringy, but if you didn't see the tell-tale ribboning, you might not guess it's there.

The biscuit in these bar is also chocolate, and it's unremarkable. Not bad, not good, not overly chocolaty. Kind of like having a Ninja inspired bedroom (no wait, that would be pretty awesome).
The inner packaging consists of one large tray with three diagonal compartments. The sticks are not individually wrapped but I can live with that.

These bars aren't bad, all things considered. They just aren't very good either. They are really pretty average, though definitely on the low-end scale. And at just 35 calories per stick, if you just have to have chocolate and aren't very picky about what it tastes like, then this might be a great option for you.

Be sure to check out Cybele's review HERE.

That said, I am off to watch the sunrise (they are better than sunsets), and I leave you with the musical stylings of Dirk and Reed.



Anonymous said...

35 calories? What an extraordinary waste of time.

Gigi said...

For those same 35 calories I would rather have a teeny, tiny piece of a real Twix myself.