Monday, May 4, 2009

Klondike Choco Taco


I remember that my local Taco Bell used to carry these years ago, but I never bothered to try one. To be perfectly fair, until I read THIS review over at On Second Scoop, I hadn't even thought about Choco Tacos in years.

I was doing my shopping today, and wouldn't you know it -- what was in the freezer case? I think the Universe was trying to get me to try the Choco Taco.


Well, if the Universe was in fact telling me to eat the Choco Taco, then I can only deduce that the Universe hates me.

The Choco Taco consists of a waffle cone "shell," and inside is vanilla ice cream (low fat -- which I think in this case is pretty much a waste). The outer shell is covered in mockolate that is studded with peanuts.


So much was wrong here that I don't even know where to start. Well, let's pick the shell. While I am fully willing to bet that my Taco was probably not at its peak freshness level, the shell had no crunch whatsoever. It was soft to the point it was difficult to bite off cleanly. I could have lived with that if it had at least tasted good. It's not that it tasted bad; the problem was that it didn't taste like anything.

The ice cream itself wasn't horrible. For low-fat, it was surprisingly smooth. Once again, the problem wasn't that it tasted bad, but that it was just flavorless. There is a hint of vanilla, but it barely registers. The peanuts were stale, but there were a lot of them.

And lest we forget the mockolate topping -- UGH! It's way too sweet, it's oily, and it was by far the strongest flavor. Beyond that, eating it was unavoidably sloppy. Because the shell was so limp, the taco pulled apart, leaving me with a gooey mess in my hands.

I wasn't expecting greatness. Let's be honest: most novelty ice cream products aren't great, but I was at least hoping for "good." If you think about it, an ice cream taco could be SO good! Imagine a nice, crispy waffle cone shell...a quality ice cream "meat"...the endless array of toppings you could use...

Hmm...I may have to pull out the ice cream maker...


Albertsons Supermarket


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

We used to have something very similar here in the UK ... the winner taco

It was always my choice of ice cream as a kid.... sounds like it was a lot better than this one mind!!


Gigi said...

That sounds good! I still say that the idea of an ice cream taco is a great one, this is just vile.