Friday, May 8, 2009

Haagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate Limited Edition


I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. And if a scratchy throat isn't a good excuse for ice cream, then what is?

Since I was feeling rough around the edges, I decided that I wanted a chunk-free ice cream, so I picked the Dark Chocolate Haagen-Dazs from my stash.


The first thing that struck me about this ice cream is how earthy and dark the color is. I don't think the picture really captures the deep, coffee-like tone. It also has a strong cocoa aroma. As it melts, you can practically see Willy Wonka's boat sailing down the chocolate river.


The taste... OH MY GORD!

This is single-handedly the best chocolate ice cream EVER. If Haagen-Dazs doesn't remove this from their "limited edition" line and make it one of their permanent selections, then some kind of civil disobedience is in order.

The first flavor is a rich cocoa. It is bitter, but only in the gentlest possible way. As the flavor evolves in your mouth, it tastes a bit like a darkly roasted espresso bean, and then before the coffee taste becomes either overbearing or too much like a mocha drink, the taste mellows and sweetens. The final moments reminded me of raw Devil's Food cake batter. Must I repeat how much I love raw cake batter?

There is nothing that Haagen-Dazs could have done to make this better...well, they could have arranged for me to eat it off of Hugh Jackman...


WHAT?! That sounded perfectly reasonable to me -- in fact, you know what? I like that idea so much I am making it a new rating!




Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

I am not sure I can quite relate to your rating system on this one ... but that ice cream looks damn good! I cant recall ever seeing an ice cream before that claims to be 'dark chocolate' ... the ones I have seen before have only ever claimed to be 'chocolate'. It would be good to see this in the UK!


GS said...

oohh... chocolate, no better, dark chocolate AND hugh jackman... wow! good rating.

Gigi said...

Jim: As soon as you seen it in the UK grab it! It may actually be the perfect chocolate ice cream. Maybe I need to come up with a hot girl rating?

GS- I knew someone would appreciate it!!

norby said...

Oh, Friendly's has a dark chocolate ice cream that I've always loved, but I don't live near one anymore. My eyes are now peeled for this new Haagen Daz flavor...

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Defo!! I suggest Megan Fox!!

Gigi said...

Norby: Friendly's! I miss them. We of course have none in California but back in little Stoughton, Ma. where I am from my grandmother lived within walking distance of one. She loved the Sundae cups so my brother and I would walk and get one for her a few times a week.

I would love a Fribble now that I think about it (think the thickest shake ever). and I don't care how low rent and frozen they may be I always loved the clam boats (fried clams)

Jim: Just for you I will create a Megan Fox rating!

Luke said...

Thank you for the review. It was the sole factor in my decision to purchase a point of this amazing ice cream. Only the local Whole Foods seems to be carrying it for some reason and I'm darn glad I was able to try it before it's time expires.


Gigi said...

Your welcome!
I really hope Haagen-Dazs just ponies up and makes this part of the normal product line. Even months later I still say this is THE BEST mass market chocolate ice cream on the market today.