Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Figi's Marzipan Eggs


I know Easter has been over for a while, but my mother got me these beautiful marzipan eggs and I had to share them.

My mother ordered them online from Figi's (figis.com). Initially, I thought I had never heard of the company -- but then, looking at the site, I remembered that my grandmother used to buy things from them through mail order. (Figi's has been around since 1944.) With that in mind, I have probably even had Figi's marzipan in the past...but I can't say I remember it.


The eggs are very pretty. The colors are more vivid than they appear in the photos, and have a lovely airbrushed effect to them.


They could look stunning -- and they do -- but what really matters is the taste. (Did I mention they LOOK really good?)

Sadly, they don't taste nearly as good as they look. The texture was decent -- soft, and just a little bit crumbly. Unfortunately, the taste was very muted. Some of the sweet, almost cherry-like almond taste is there. But it's more like a shadow of a flavor than a rich, nutty marzipan. There is also a bitter aftertaste that I am attributing to the dyes used (I say that because the darker eggs had a stronger aftertaste).

Again, they are beautiful to look at. They just don't taste very good. I can't say I would ever order them to eat. But I would order them to decorate with, so my rating is marginally higher based on that.



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