Friday, May 29, 2009

Snicker's Nougabot Bar

Don't get too excited about the Snickers Nougabot Bar.

While clearly a cool name, this is simply a regular Snickers bar that's been "transformed" with yellow nougat (à la the Shrek bar a few years ago) to tie in with the new Transformers movie.

Since nothing is really different, this isn't really a review. I just wanted to show off the new look. Everything tastes the same -- with the lone exception being that the nougat itself seems a little drier than normal. (I am guessing this is probably caused by the dye.) Otherwise, identical.

Sadly, any attempts to get the bar to transform my lame car into a cool car, or my DVD copy of Jason Segel into a real life Jason Segel didn't pan out (but at least my neighbors looked at me funny). And YES, I am well aware that Jason Segel isn't in either Transformer movie -- it's just that the thought of trying to do grownup things with Shia LaBeouf left me feeling icky in a Chester The Molester type of way, so I substituted Jason.

While this bar is perfectly OK, it does seem likes a waste of a good tie-in product. I am thinking of all the things they could have done working yellow into a bar -- for example, they could have done a bar with peanut brittle pieces. How good that would have been! Or they could have done something with lemon -- again, perfectly good.

I think they just missed out.

(Not really a review, so no rating.)

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jennifer said...

I'm not a huge snickers fan, but managed to devour one of these. I looked into it because there just HAS to be something different with this besides the obvious nougat color.. I've read that the caramel is different.. Most say a "dark caramel"? I haven't been able to find another one of these lately to compare yet though.