Monday, May 11, 2009

Milka Strawberry Yoghurt Milk Chocolate Bar


I love the combination of yogurt and chocolate. It makes me wonder why American companies don't use it more.

Lucky for me, the fine folks at Milka have made such a bar!


I loved the smell when I opened the wrapper. It was a big whiff of a fresh chocolate-covered strawberry (you know, the cute ones with the little tux painted on), as imagined by Febreze. Fake, but still pleasant.


This is by far the best of the Milka bars I have tried so far. I think the reason why I like it so much is that the chocolate takes a back seat to the filling. Actually, the chocolate barely even registers. It's there, it's sweet and it adds a creamy texture, but beyond that it's forgettable.

I liked the filling. The yogurt (being lazy and using the American spelling) is tangy and cuts the sweetness of the chocolate. The strawberry is completely and utterly unnatural. In fact, it reminds me of a candy version of Crunch Berries. It's a "strawberry" that is so un-strawberrylike that you almost can't help but liking it. Much like the Ritter Sport version, it also contains some hard, presumably freeze-dried strawberry bits. But there seems not to be as many of the bits in the Milka bar as in the Ritter bar.

I really liked this bar. Jim reviewed this bar a bit ago (read his review HERE). Jim didn't like the bar as much I did. But I still like him, lol!


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