Monday, May 18, 2009

Orbit Mist Peppermint Spray Gum

Orbit is my favorite mass market brand of gum. I estimate that I may have chewed my body weight in the Sweet Mint flavor. So I was excited to see new flavors.

Orbit has expanded the line by adding the "Mist" flavors. The idea behind Mist is that it causes a "hydrating sensation" that makes your mouth extra moist. As someone who has chronic dry mouth from medications, it was an interesting idea (yeah, it would help if I drank more water but that's not as much fun).


The gum actually does seem to make your mouth water a little more then 'normal' gum does. It's not like a Garfield-sees-lasagna type drooling, but it is more.

The flavor is a brisk peppermint. It's a little on the warm side. It isn't anything outstanding but it is pleasant and reasonably refreshing.

Is it sad that my favorite part of this gum was actually the paper wrapper that each piece is encased in? C'mon, tell me it's not cool! Doesn't it make you think of the Jetsons?

I will have no problem finishing the pack off. I am not sure if I would chose this over my favorite Sweet Mint, but I may even buy this again.




Anura said...

I enjoyed this gum, but I was pretty off-put by it's ingredients. If you're someone who is into natural foods, I doubt you'd want to put this in your mouth.

Gigi said...

To be fair yes, if your into natural and or organic foods this is probably not the product for you.

But to be honest with the exception of Glee gum (which I have never found but would like to try) I can't actually name another natural gum. Any suggestions?

LONG said...

I love the orbit mist Watermelon Spring it does make your mouth water the flavor is intense alot of things you would ask for in a piece of gum I do suggest everyone should try it although it is a little on the expensive side for gum too but worth it!!!!!

ann said...

this is the only Orbit mist gum i have tried so far and i was very impressed with the staying power of the flavor.
i must have chewed this gum for nearly 3 hours..... and it never lost its flavor.

i finally just took it out because i wanted to be done with it.

if the rest of the mist line is as tasty and long lasting i will be chewing this brand often.

Gigi said...

Ann: I have tried all of the Mist flavors ( I haven't reviewed them all however) I liked this flavor but the spearmint was the one I LOVED.

For the most part the entire line is decent.
The only one I really didn't like was the Mango Mist.