Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sultans Turkish Delight


I love the flavors of Turkish Delight. Rose water is not used nearly as much as it should be, and I really wish that there was more high end rose water flavored chocolate.

I had previously tried Fry's Turkish Delight and loved it. I knew that Sultans was a competing product, but until recently had not been able to get my hands on a bar.


As you can see, my bar was not the prettiest bar ever. It was marred, scarred and slightly bloomed. The aroma was mostly that of too-sweet chocolate and lemon zest. But since lemon zest makes everything better, I will call that a good thing.


The bright pink center looks deceptively like a piece of tuna sushi enrobed in chocolate (mmm sushi...). The chocolate is, as I had feared, way too sweet. It's grainy, it's oily, and it has no melt. It just lumps in your mouth.

The beautifully colored filling is deeply flavored with both lemon and rose water. That should be fantastic -- but sadly, both flavors are so strong and so artificial that it ends up tasting like a jelly candle. The aftertaste is lingering and perfumy.

The texture of the center was interesting. Whereas the Fry's version had been like either a very soft gummy or a very firm jelly, the Sultans version is a jelly that softens to almost a creamy melt. It was a neat sensation and had it tasted good, I would have loved it. But it DIDN'T taste good, and that defeats the whole purpose of candy.

Blecch. This was just bad and disappointing.


Upland, California

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