Saturday, May 16, 2009

M&M's Strawberried Peanut Butter


How long has it been since there was a new M&M flavor? (I think it was last year's Mint Crisp.) Well, just in time to tie in with "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen," Mars has come out with Strawberried Peanut Butter.

There are certain things I don't readily admit. Things such as I have two complete Ricky Martin albums on my Ipod. Things such as I can eat an entire bigass bag of Twizzlers on my own in one sitting. And last but not least, the fact that I TOTALLY HATE PB&J! This is probably shocking, because I love peanut butter. But I just love it by itself. You will never see me make a peanut butter sandwich with jelly, EVER!

But I could not resist trying these M&M's.


When you first open the bag, you smell a huge rush of extremely artificial strawberry. It's like cheap Easter candy from hell. (Fortunately, the strawberry does not taste nearly as strong as it smells.)

As you can see, the colors differ a bit from the normal mix. My favorites were the yellow with red speckles. They look as if they have spreading subdermal hemorrhages, like advancing ebola...probably not the look Mars was aiming for...


Notice the innards give no hint that there is strawberry lurking inside. As best I can tell, the strawberry "essence" lurks hidden in the chocolate.


Luckily, as I said, the strawberry does not taste as strong as it smells. It's not even the fun type of fake strawberry that's so bad it's
actually kind of good. It's just blah. The peanut butter is mild, too -- but maybe that's the strawberry influence. It is satisfyingly salty, though.

I could see kids loving this, but adults...probably not so much. I certainly won't be buying a second bag.




Jess said...

Bummer! I thought these would be tastier. I'll have to jump on the bandwagon and try some...

Gigi said...

Jess- I wasn't crazy about them- oddly enough my super-picky brother (we are complete opposites when it comes to food) loved them. He finished my bag then went and bought one of his own.

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

I want I want I WANT!!!Man I am jealous I so need to try these!

I love the new banners and 'GR' logos! Very snazzy!


Gigi said...

Jim- I will trade you a bag for some of the balsamic Thortons!

People need to use the word snazzy more (I love that word)

jperonto said...

Sucking on a frozen one right now. Mmmmmm... I like them!

Kaitis said...

If anyone loves Peanut Butter M&M's like i do, they'll throughly be amused by these.

Also, not liking PB&J kind of scares me.

Gigi said...

I will have to steal some of my Brother's and try them frozen.

I know I am an anomaly, with the exception of my Mother's Husband I am the only person I have ever met who doesn't like PBJ. I never even liked it as a kid (well a younger kid)

canuhearme said...

I Disagree! I saw them when I was in line at the store, naturally I wanted to try them. I was soo excited about eating one i couldnt wait untill i got out of the store. When i popped one in my mouth i instantly fell in love! Perhaps i am just a sucker for peanut butter, but i loved them!!!!

Gigi said...

I seem to be in the minority on this one. Like I already said my own Brother loves the things (he's on bag 3) me... well...

I do wonder what a grape version would be like.