Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini


Given how much I loved the Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti, I thought I should give the tortellini a try.

Once again, my family was too lazy to bother with homemade tortellini, so I have no pre-conceived notion of how tortellini "should" taste. I had some of my own sauce on hand, but chose to eat my tortellini tossed with nothing but a little olive oil -- because I was also having a beautiful steamed artichoke with it, and I wanted to keep things simple.


The Buitoni tortellini are pretty big by tortellini standards. For the most part the pasta shells remained tight, guarding their inner cheesy goodness. The main problem the size causes is that there is a whole lot of pasta and very little filling. Now, I know that tortellini won't have the generous belly of filling that a ravioli has. It's just that normally the proportions are a little better.


The pasta is just a little too much. It's fresh and soft, but at the same time it's a little gummy.

The cheese filling -- a mix of Ricotta, Romano and Parmesan -- is fantastic. The texture is just a little course. It's tangy from the sharp cheeses. There is a nice roasted garlic element. Overall, really good. The fatal flaw is that there's very, very little of it.

Honestly, in its current pasta-to-filling proportions, I wouldn't buy this again. If they were to tweak them so there was less pasta, I would look into it. If they were just a little smaller, they'd be killer. But sadly, Buitoni's tortellini do not fare nearly as well as their Wild Mushroom Agnolotti.


Albertsons Supermarket

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